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Carpentry and building services management

In the course of tendering we survey the project site to discover any features that may lead to additional costs and advise the architect/client accordingly. In this way our quotation gives the client a true picture of final costs.

For every project, we prepare a work programme which is easy for our clients to understand and follow. Our work programme details the design, build and installation phases of the project. As well as the proposed completion date which we always achieve.

Our skilled and qualified tradesmen have an eye for detail and are able to execute the drawing and specification of architects precisely. Our clients enjoy a trustworthy working relationship from start to completion of projects.

  • kitchen installations
  • bathrooms
  • bed rooms
  • doors
  • tiling
  • painting and decorations
  • wood flooring
  • windows installations
  • cabinet wardrobes
  • tape and jointing
  • design services

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